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Her Majesty Queen Sofía

The value of solidarity is, today more than ever, a moral asset that we must nurture and endeavour to practice with responsible commitment

Logroño, 10.5.2011


"... ...This year marks a very special occasion because, after two years of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are honored to recognize three remarkable people who have made extraordinary contributions in the realms of history, philanthropy, and gastronomy. Through decades of dedicated work, the guiding principle behind their decisions has been, in one word: "excellence"... ..."

Palabras de S.M. la Reina Doña Sofía en la entrega de los "Premios Sophia a la Excelencia" del Queen Sofía Spanish Institute

Nueva York, 31.3.2022S.M. la Reina Doña Sofía


Her Majesty Queen Sofia was born in Athens on 2 November 1938, the first child of King Pablo I and Queen Federica of Greece. Her family belongs to one of Europe’s oldest Royal Households.


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Boda de SS.MM. los Reyes en Atenas Fotografía oficial de S.M. la Reina Doña Sofía.© EFEGrecia, 14/05/1962
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