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His Majesty King Felipe VI

The victims of terrorism and their families are models of sacrifice, examples of dignity, symbols of our firm values and principles, and a driving force behind our unwavering commitment to put an end to terrorism

Paris, 15.9.2011

Activities of His Majesty the King Felipe VI

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"... Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in this wonderful MSFS Centennial Gala. It is certainly a true honour to take the floor, and a great pleasure to be here tonight at the USIP and share with all of you such a unique occasion. I have to admit; this event is very special to me. Together with some distinguished classmates I see here −as I look around−, I finished my Master’s program 27 years ago. I only have excellent memories of the time I spent here. All those memories spring to mind precisely at a time like this. The program we are celebrating today is a Master in Foreign Service. So much of a life well lived is about service, about working with and for others, and about making life slightly better for those around us. To achieve this, we cannot forget the permanent values that must inspire effective leadership: Commitment and responsibility, ethics and solidarity, effort and honesty ..."

Palabras de Su Majestad el Rey en la cena de gala del centenario del Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)

Washington DC, 2.12.2022S.M. el Rey